Setps To Get Rid Of Genital Warts

By Roger Thompson

One of the most embarrassing sexually transmitted diseases is also one that many people suffer in silence from because they do not want anyone to know about them. Genital warts are typically not painful but they are super contagious and are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), a virus that has also contributed to a huge number of cervical cancer cases. Many of you may want to try and get rid of genital warts through your own means but chances are that you won’t be very successful. You see, with HPV, once you get it, you will always have it and genital warts are one of the ways this virus makes itself known. So while you can get rid of genital warts for a while, you will never get rid of the cause. Still, if genital warts are affecting your way of life, you owe it to yourself to visit your doctor and determine your medical options for relief.

As long as your warts are not in particularly delicate areas like inside the urethra, rectum or cervix, your doctor will likely prescribe some type of gel or ointment at first to try and get rid of genital warts. Now keep in mind that some of these topical treatments must be applied by your doctor, so you may become quite acquainted over a period of weeks while your treatment continues. For other options, there are topical creams and ointments that you can administer on your own. You may notice that as time goes on, your warts may either shrink, flake off layers until they are smaller or they could even fall off all together. Another thing you will have to deal with if you choose topical treatment to get rid of genital warts is that your skin may become irritated and burn or even peel.


Cutting them out is yet another way to get rid of genital warts and there are several different medical ways to do it. First, there is cryotherapy in which liquid nitrogen is used to essentially freeze off the warts. This procedure is often used for the more sensitive, moist areas in the genital area where warts like to grow. You can also go for the burn and get laser therapy or electrocautery done as a way to get rid of genital warts. Lasers use a high intensity beam of light to effectively cut away the warts while electrocautery uses electricity to do the same thing. Now, keep in mind that many of these procedures are not 100% foolproof, mainly because these warts could come back, but they will buy you relief.

If you have not gone to the doctor yet about your genital warts, please do so now because you are not doing yourself any favors by leaving it untreated. You can still enjoy life, so it is important to get rid of genital warts now so that you can get busy later moving on with your life.

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