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Done right, investing in real property can be a sound financial move. However, it does come with a few risks. You’ll want to make sure it’s the right move for your portfolio. Here are a few essential things you’ll want to know:

Your buying goals

Are you buying property to live in or for investment purposes? Do you want to rent it out or do you eventually plan on moving into the home? Is it going to be a weekend getaway place for you and your family or a retirement home? By knowing what your buying goals are, you have a better idea if beachside condos in Costa Rica are the right choice for you or if you should go elsewhere.

Picking out an agent

One of the most important decisions you will have to make is to pick out a real estate agent. Buying property isn’t easy and there are a ton of legalities and paperwork you will have to wade through. By hiring an agent, you have someone to guide you through the process. This will ease the confusion and ensure you make little to zero mistakes.

Know the fees

You might need to cover several fees and charges. From management fees and association dues to transactional fees. Also, it pays to get an inspector to look at the property, says Investopedia. That way, you’ll know if you’re buying a sound investment or not. That’s also going to mean paying for inspector’s fees.

Piece of advice

Don’t try to take this on alone. Buying beachside condos in Costa Rica can be complicated. By finding the right agent, though, the process will go so much easier for you. If you want a convenient and stress-free buying experience-whether for a home or investment-hire a reliable and credible real estate agent to help you out.

Submitted by: Peter Skotnicky

If you’ve been hanging around the stock world for long, you have undoubtedly heard of the day trading software. This Robot is the latest in a long line of robots that supposedly can beat the stock market. It’s popularity has been growing in recent months, but can it really make money?

What exactly is this day trading software anyway? If you’re like most people, you’re probably a little skeptical about whether a robot can actually make money for you. While it’s a nice idea, when it comes time to actually make it work, these things have a tendency to be all hype. Therefore, if you are skeptical of the power of a robot, it’s only natural. However, this system actually has shown a very high success rate.

So when you sign up for day trading software, what should you expect? day trading software deals with penny stocks. What does this mean for you? There is a high reward potential on your trades. The price of the stock only has to go up one cent and you’ve doubled your money.

Therefore, there is a high potential to make money on each trade. You should also know that where there is possible reward, there is also possible risk. Nothing is bulletproof, so you shouldn’t expect it to be perfect. With that being said, if you go in to the thing with realistic expectations, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Another thing that you should realize with day trading software is that you won’t be getting a lot of trades. One, maybe two trades per week are completely normal for this robot. While it might not seem like much, does it really matter if you’re making good money on nearly every trade? If you can rake in 10-30% of your account on a single trade, it’s not going to take many trades to start making good money. Before long, you’ll have enough money coming in from those few trades to support you.

So how can you make money with day trading software? First of all, you’ll need to subscribe to day trading software. Secondly, you’ll need a trading account with the stock broker of your choice. It doesn’t have to be any certain broker or even an online broker. If you want, you can call the trades in to your stock broker. You just have to have access to the market. The day trading software will sit and analyze many different penny stock charts.

When a profitable pattern is starting to emerge, the robot flies into action and sends out an email to you with the stock name and the entry point. It’s up to you to use this information and put in the trade. Once you do this, the robot will then tell you the exit point. Again, it’s up to you to close the trade out. In this manner, you can make a nice return on your investment with the help of day trading software. It’s really the easiest way out there to day trade.

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By Ed Sneineh

A claim is defined as the Insured’s demand from an insurer (insurance company) to pay for damages under specific insurance contract. You make an auto insurance claim when you ask an insurer to make payments to you in connection with bodily injury or property damage that you sustain because of an accident.

In the event of auto accident you need to file a loss notice with your company. A police report needs to be filed in the event of ‘hit and run’. The insured cannot start repairing the damaged vehicle without first showing it to the company for inspection of the damage. The insured is required to cooperate with the insurer to the fullest extent in order for the claim to be processed.

A claim adjuster is normally assigned to your claim. The adjuster is the person responsible for investigating, evaluating, and settling the claim. He/she is the one who will determine if the loss is covered or not, the monetary value of the loss, and the settlement (if any). During the process of adjusting the claim, the adjuster may need to interview the claimant, other people, take pictures of the accident, review police records, request estimates, etc.

YouTube Preview Image

Once you file the claim the insurance company is required by law to respond to you within specific number of work days (in Illinois it is 21) from filing the claim. You are obligated to provide the insurance company with certain documents if they are requested, such as sworn statements, police reports, medical bills, repair bills, bill of sales, titles, etc.

You are not required to use company’s suggested repair shop. However, if your repair shop is charging more than the company’s suggested shop, you may have to pay the difference from your pocket. If there is existing damage on the vehicle your insurance company may deduct an unlimited amount from the value if your vehicle has old, unrepaired collision damages and they do not have to pay for the “betterment” of your vehicle (for example brand new muffler or new tires.)

You do not have to accept replacement crash parts. Despite the fact that insurance companies aren’t required to use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts, such as GM or Ford, you have the final decision of which parts will be used to fix your vehicle. In case your company wants to use non-OEM parts, and you request more expensive OEM parts, you may have to pay the difference.

Handling a claim does not have to be a rough experience. It can be an easy experience if you focus on your responsibilities in a claim and rights. Always document your communication with claim departments by faxing things, sending registered mail, email, as opposed to leaving messages and verbal communication.

If you have a complain about the repair of your vehicle, take it first to the body shop. Explain the problem to a manager. If your problem is not resolved take it, in writing, to the claim department of your insurance company. Give them sometimes to respond, and if nothing work to your satisfaction you can always go to the Attorney General office to complain about the body shop/ repair shop, and to your state’s insurance department if you feel that your claim was mishandled.

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By Julie Languille

Whether you have a mega-bus RV, a trailer, camper, or tent, camping is a wonderful way to get away from it all and enjoy the outdoors as a family together. It really is a great exercise in family togetherness as you unplug most of life’s distractions and focus on creating shelter and food, then enjoying the outdoors together. A few easy dinners recipes and you’ll soon be gathered around a roaring fire enjoying each others’ company.

I grew up camping with my family regularly. We pulled a camping trailer and loved the convenience to set up camp quickly and carry the basics with us. I still remember nights spent playing cards together and cooking over the grill. We learned to always be ready to leave early, because my father loved to leave the night or day before we planned. He would just get excited and want to go early. Pretty cute, huh?

Now that I have a family of my own I try to make it a memory for us as well. We live in Washington state and the state parks are wonderful. Our favorite, located on the north end of Whidbey Island is Deception Pass State Park. It is lovely with some waterfront spaces, and wonderful facilities. We love to go there. Again I like to prepare in advance the dinner for our first night.

I usually start a flank steak marinating before we leave and by the time we travel, arrive, setup camp and get the fire going, the steaks is marinated and the dinner is wonderful, tender, succulent, flavorful steak. If you have time before hand, it’s great to parboil some small potatoes until they are almost done. Then at supper time, roll them in olive oil and salt and pepper and put them on skewers to grill up, deliciously, with crispy, grill marked skin. I usually plan a bagged salad to round out the meal and then go in for a grilled dessert.

Have you ever roasted bananas on the campfire? They’re delicious. Wrap them in foil sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon. Heat until warmed through and serve with a spoon to be eaten straight from the foil.

For a great camping breakfast, consider packing some crescent rolls and jam. Wrap the rolls around a roasting stick, leaving an opening at the top (we’ll fill that with jam later). Let each person toast their roll over the fire until golden brown outside and cooked through. Carefully take it off the stick or eat it off the stick if your brave. Fill the opening at the top with jam or jelly and eat while they’re hot.

Campfire Grilled Flank Steak

We always plan this for the first night camping. It is marinating on the way and cooks in a flash once we get the fire going.

YouTube Preview Image

Serves 4


2 lb Flank steak

1/4 C Soy sauce

1/4 C Worcestershire sauce

1/4 C Water

2 Tb Rosemary – fresh, minced


Combine all ingredients in a zip lock bag and marinate overnight or all day. Grill 4 to 5 minutes per side or until desired degree of doneness. Cover and rest 10 minutes, then slice in thin slices across the grain in the bias.

Grilled Rosemary Potatoes

The potatoes are parboiled to give them a head start, then rolled in olive oil, salt and rosemary and finished on the grill. The skins are crispu and delicious.

Serves 4


1 lb Red potatoes – small

2 Tb Olive oil

Sea salt

1 Tb Rosemary – fresh, minced


In a large pot of boiling salted water cook the potatoes until just slightly under done. Drain, then drizzle with olive oil, salt and rosemary. Toss to coat. Thread on metal skewers is desired. Grill turning regularly, until crispy and done.

About the Author: Julie Languille is a mom of 4 and the computer programmer who created Dinners in a Flash to solve meal planning challenges in her household. Today Dinners in Flash serves clients and offers access to over 2500 mouthwatering recipes. Visit Julie at



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By Marcella Costante

Despite the fact that seeking advice from a finance expert is an excellent option while looking for a loan for to buy a home, using a mortgage calculator can provide a homebuyer valuable insight on quite a few different issues regarding getting financing. A mortgage calculator can work as an important tool for loan seekers at the very beginning of the course. A lot of different kinds are to be had; a few offering quite precise figures.

There are several kinds of mortgage calculations available that are needed by a homebuyer in search of a loan derived from information entered by him. There are several different kinds of calculations that offer buyers with a number of information. These include, Budget Calculation that uses in depth personal information submitted to find a monthly budget a buyer can use to submit to an Affordability Calculation that will decide how big a loan a buyer can afford to take out with concern to monthly payments. Debt Consolidation Calculation will use submitted information to current results on the feasibility for a buyer to utilize a mortgage for debt consolidation. Cost Calculation will generate results that update buyers on what the costs are for borrowing a particular amount for a mortgage. Other mortgage calculations will help demonstrate balloon payments, results from making additional or bigger payments, lump sum payment alternatives and for several other uses.

YouTube Preview Image

One of the best familiarity needs any potential borrower wants to get is details on just how much money will be available from a lender. Even if a lot of buyers can more than likely find out a precise figure that can be afforded for monthly payments, there are elements of this monthly commitment that will go to other parts in addition to the loan principal. A mortgage calculator presents a potential borrower with figures that take account of the amount of interest paid on a loan, the results of preferring different tenures for repayment and other issues that have an effect on either entire sums repaid or what parts of the loan make up these repayments like other finance charges in addition to fees.

A major benefit to utilizing a mortgage calculator is that a potential borrower can make several inputs to reach different outcomes. A mortgage calculator can be used to decide the required repayment amount derived from 30-year tenure, or maybe 20, or 15, for instance. In addition, a mortgage calculator can generate results from a different viewpoint, such as, how much money could be borrowed if a monthly repayment was $750? A mortgage calculator helps buyer look at several alternatives that might be available ahead of contacting any lender.

On occasion potential home buyers decide on a house earlier than finding out the entire costs are beyond their means, or their monetary ability. By using a mortgage calculator and a range of other calculating tools, those on the lookout for a mortgage can decide what can be afforded, hence directing a house search accordingly. In addition, mortgage calculator as well helps a loan seeker find the entire information required planned earlier than contacting a lender. Above all you need not buy one just log on to the internet and search for free online mortgage calculator and you will be offered a plethora of it.

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By Ingvar Grimsmo

Here in British Columbia, Canada the latest lottery winners were a gay couple. Regular working people. Cool. I wonder if they would be as generous as an elderly couple in Nova Scotia who won 11.2 Million in July 2010. They have given away most of the money to family and charities. Now that’s cooler.

I always wondered what I would do if I won say.. 10 million dollars. Tax free, of course. (This is Canada!). First – debt free. Own a nice house and so on. That’s going to burn oohh about $600,000. Then I’d want a boat, maybe an apartment somewhere nice and hot. That’s set me back another $600,000. Or more, who knows.

I would quit work. So I would set up a fund where I could have a steady income for the rest of my life which is about another 20 years. So to clear $10,000/month just from a 3% financial vehicle I would need $15,000 per month gross. Or $180,000 per year. That would need about $5,500,000 invested.

YouTube Preview Image

So far I have spent about 7.7 million bucks. Left is 3.3 million dollars. Hmmm… family? Ok, I’d set up funds for the kids. Travel? Sure, let’s take a cruise around the world.

So within mere months I can blow through 2/3 of the money. Easy. That’s what people do. Lots of people that win big have nothing left after a year or two. They have no sense of the future. I think that with a big win – the lottery corporations should provide a free financial advisor. I also think that having winning pots more than a few millions is silly. Wouldn’t it be better to share the prizes? Say take the 50 million recently won here and make it 50 one million prizes? Chances of winning would be greater.

But no, this is one of the reasons for people buying lotto tickets in the first place. To hope for the big win. Someone told me the other day when I asked why he bought lottery tickets: “It’s a cheap way to dream a little for a few bucks a week.” Good point. Go to any mall and hang around the lottery booth and you’ll see the same people there all the time. Especially elderly people. It’s their entertainment.

Do they get hooked? Perhaps some do. It’s like anything – moderation. Even though most people have no idea of the math of lotteries. However, they saying goes: “If you don’t buy a ticket you are guaranteed not to win anything.” I guess even a remote chance of winning is something.

Can you increase your odds? As a data analyst I would say yes. The drawings are random, but you can increase your odds of winning by buying a set of tickets and mathematically pick numbers that cover more combinations. There are lots of systems out there, the most popular is The Silver Lotto System. See link below.

Play the lotto within means. Only spend money you can afford to lose. And good luck.

About the Author: Ingvar has been on his own since 1988. He’s an internet marketer, but his “day job” is that of a database programmer. He’s particularly fascinated with lotteries.


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