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Do you hate the way your nose looks right now? You are not alone in feeling this way, going by the statistics concerning the numbers of people who are opting for rhinoplasty these days. With the growing popularity of plastic surgery rhinoplasty, also called a nose job, it is no longer considered a radical surgery. The reason that so many people opt for a rhinoplasty is that any imperfections on a nose are clearly visible and are very difficult to hide. A skilled surgeon will be able to give you the nose you desire without too much trouble. However, nose surgery is not without any inconvenience, and you need to know exactly what it entails so that you know what to expect on the day of the surgery.

Plastic surgery rhinoplasty is a small yet crucial surgery, and it is almost always done while with local anesthesia. You will be able to go home the same day of the surgery, although you should make arrangements to be taken home because you will certainly be feeling groggy. However, in some cases, especially when there is extensive nasal reconstruction to be done and you require a complex surgery, you will need to go under general anesthesia. Your surgeon will discuss the various options with you in great detail and go through the exact procedure you will undergo.

If your surgeon has decided to go in for a closed procedure, he will make an incision inside your nostrils. The biggest advantage of this is that the surgery scar will not be visible to others. As preferable as this type of surgery is, you will sometimes have to go in for an open procedure. In such a case, you will be left with a small scar on the outside of your nose, which will take some time to heal and become invisible.


Every person has a different image of what the perfect nose is. If you feel that yours is too big or has unsightly lumps on it, the plastic surgeon will simply remove excess cartilage in order to make it the required shape or size. It is far more complicated to increase the size of your nose, but it is not impossible. If this is what you want, your doctor will have to harvest some cartilage from other parts of your body such as your ears, septum or your ribs.

Once the incision is closed, you will have to wait a while in order to see whether your surgeon has been able to translate your desire into reality. Your nose will take some time to heal, and you can expect to have some swelling for a while. This is only normal since the tissues have been through some trauma. You will only see the shape of your new nose after the swelling has come down.

If, however, you feel that your plastic surgery rhinoplasty has not gone as expected, you could always schedule another surgery in order to attain the exact look you want.

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