Do Care Of Your Plants By Tree Shelter

Do care of your plants by tree shelter


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Hedging plants are best feature for gardening which also provides privacy, security, fencing and good look for your place. In very windy place, hedging plants can give you protection also. Tree shelters are also required in your garden to save young trees and hedging plants while they are at initial stage. There are some specific hedging plants suits best for hedging. Good hedging also requires good care from starting to regular maintenance.

If you don t attend hedging plans for long time they will just go wild and ruin whole look of your place.

There are some specific ways to have wonderful hedging plants grown at your place. First step is to create a base for your hedging plants which should be wider than top part of your hedges. This is the most effective effect to have good grown hedging plants as they get enough light and air circulation.


There are wide ranges of varieties in hedging plants. Some of them are taking long time to grow and some are easy growing. Your selection of hedging plants depends on your requirement. Like some places requires big hedging plants for hedging purpose while some can work with small plants also. Here are some trees generally used as hedging plants.

Alder is one of the fast growing trees used as hedging plants. It is used as good heighted hedging plants and generally loves wet ground. The Ash tree is fast growing hedging plant and tolerant of heavy clay soils.

Useful qualities for Ash tree is its good provider for fire wood and having high calorific values. Blackthorn is also one of most famous and fastest growing hedging plant. Blackthorn looks amazing at you place when it gives flowers in March and April.

Box hedging is most used hedging type in UK. It is ideal for making low dense hedge around your place. It is very easy to grow in all type of soil at your place and can be easily clipped to shape. Dogwood is also one of the good hedging plans but generally used as mixed with hawthorn and blackthorn hedging plants. It gives brilliant look with red leaves in autumn in your hedging plants.

The English oak can also be included in good hedging plants. It is also known as specimen tree and grown for its timber. Generally English oak is mixed with hedgerow to have good looking hedge. Field Maple is very fast growing and mixed with hawthorn as hedging plants. It is one of the good looking hedging plants as its leaves are tinged with pink in the spring and summer but looks a brilliant yellow in the autumn. There is vast range of people who always prefer field maple as their hedging plants because of their colour changing leaves.

In UK most popular hedging plants include green beech because its leaves are bright green in the spring and turn into golden in summer. The guilder rose is generally grown as part of a hedge plants for its flowers and huge clusters of bright red berries.

To make your garden safe for trees you also need to have good quality tree shelters. These tree shelters are required to protect your young trees and hedges.

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