You Should Invest In A Hate Company

Submitted by: Lanbo Jiang

When I heard that British Petroleum (BP) are destroying large tracts of the planet’s environment, but not seriously discussed the reduction in dividend issue, I have two thoughts: First, I hate them; second, it is a buy England is the best time for oil stocks. So I did, though I should have to wait for a week.

People ask me when the moral corruption in the choice of what kind of thinking mind. My answer is: It feels great!

I have a theory that you should put money into your most hated company. The reason people hate a company because it is often too strong, so that its side allows you to spend a lot of money, while they prayed to get its products.

Perhaps you think that just because they dislike some of them to invest in it is ridiculous. Let’s take my method and can determine the direction of your investment in all other ways to make a comparison.

Technical Analysis


Technical analysis, including research for some time the stock charts to predict future stock movements. This is the method commonly used on Wall Street, its science and witches and you pretend to predict the stock market through the same chicken.

Invest in well-managed companies

When corporate profits, we will consider them well-managed. This idea will be enhanced CEOs of these companies, they will be happy to tell you that in order to achieve profitability they have done a smart move. Rely on such sources of information problem is a very good command of Chief Executive Officer a special form of lying – the art of leadership. Leadership can make employees and investors that the CEO possesses a thing called vision.


Perhaps you can safely invest in companies with a long record of profitability. But the problem is on every investment professionals understand the investment of two truths: First, past performance can not be indicative of future trends; Second, you need to consider a company’s history.

Investment companies like

If you do not do as I suggested to you hate the companies to invest, perhaps you can put money toward your favorite companies. I have hired a professional fund manager Wells Fargo come for me to do this, the results are rich banking professional who buy a lot for my beloved, but soon after the collapse of the bankrupt company’s stock. For this reason, I hate Wells Fargo. But I do hope that I hate when Wells Fargo bought its stock, because Wells Fargo’s own stock has performed extremely well.

Through the above, I am not saying that you love the company, without exception, are poor investments. I mean, you hate the company than to invest in your favorite company to greater risk of investment.

So, let us talk about moral issues. Earth is being caused to the holders of shares of disaster, you can find just the reason? Of course, but it requires brains. I can help you understand this.

If you bought a base stock, which means that once the investors holding the shares you sold the stock. If the price rises faster than the average market performance, then you successfully beat the company’s stock holders previously. This is equivalent to achieving justice, but also better, because you earn it. You can then sell their shares, then make their money spent on good things, such as to enhance their children’s education.

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