Top Tips And Accessories For A Stress Free Caravan Park Holiday

Top Tips And Accessories For A Stress Free Caravan Park Holiday



Many people wrongly assume that, when staying in a caravan park, they will be provided with absolutely everything they could ever need for a stress free and relaxing holiday. Whilst shower and toilet facilities are great (and definitely make your caravan holiday stress free), there are a number of accessories that you could bring yourself that make it even better:


Towing mirrors: whilst these are actually a legal requirement for towing a caravan, you should take some time before you leave to check that they are in good working condition to prevent you having to pull over and adjust them. Water tank: does your caravan’s water tank need to be filled before you leave home? Some people actually find that this can make towing a little easier (as the caravan is more stabilized) and, if you stop on the way, you can make coffee and wash dishes. Fridge: turn on the refrigerator in your caravan about 3 days before you plan on leaving, as this makes sure that it will be cold enough to put groceries and other items in for travel, as well as making sure that it is working. Camp chairs: if you wish to sit outside during your caravan holiday, it is a good idea to invest in some reclining camping chairs (perhaps with built-in cup holders), otherwise you may find yourself sitting on the cold, hard ground. Jockey wheel: whilst a lot of caravanners don’t bother with the jockey wheel, they can be highly useful for moving your caravan to the best possible position once you are parked on site. Annexe matting: this will enable you to use your caravan awning without shoes on and without fear of damaging the material. Purchase the green rubber style if you can, as it won’t kill the grass underneath. Water hoses: it is a good idea to source some waste disposal and drinking water hoses that won’t exude harmful toxins into the water when left in the sun. Antenna: if your caravan is equipped with a television and you get bored of watching videos of DVDs, you could invest in a portable antenna that you can pack away whilst travelling. Caravan jack: without one of these, getting a flat tire on the way to or from your holiday could cause you a number of headaches. You cannot use a normal car jack on your caravan, after all. By investing in some of the above caravan accessories and making use of the tips, you can ensure that your next holiday is 100% stress free. Plenty of the stresses caused by a caravan holiday could have been prevented had you thought to check things before you left or had you thought to buy an accessory well in advance – don’t let this happen to you!

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