Tips On Finding Cheap Flights From Mumbai To Bangalore

byAlma Abell

If you love a challenge, then try to find cheap flights from Mumbai to Bangalore. No matter where you are traveling, a cheap flight can seem like only a dream, but there are some tips for finding those great deals.

Best Days of the Week

If a cheap flight is the only option, then you will want to book your flight on a Tuesday or Wednesday. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should schedule the actual flight on those days; it means start your search on Tuesday or Wednesday. However, many airlines offer unpublished sales on differing days, so you may want to at least compare other days to those Tuesdays and Wednesdays to ensure you get the best deal.


Best Days to Travel

Most people don’t understand that there are specific days of the week that are best to travel. For example, A Friday is the best day to depart for a domestic flight, with a return day on Monday. However, you will usually see a cheaper fare for international departures on a Tuesday or Wednesday, while the return should be scheduled for a Monday.

Worst Day to Travel

Above all, you should always avoid flying on a Sunday or Saturday, because these days are extremely busy. Most people need the weekend for traveling because of school or work responsibilities, so these days book fast and are always more expensive. In fact, you could pay 15 percent above average by flying on one of those days.

Best Months to Travel

If you are going for cheap options, then you should consider the months of percent.

How Much Time To Book

Most people think that booking a few weeks in advance will be enough and will give them decent prices. However, it can be difficult to know when to book. Generally, for domestic flights you will want to book three to seven weeks before your trip. Start seven weeks before and start comparing prices weekly. If you start to see a rise in price, go ahead and book your flight.

Learning when to find cheap flight tickets from Mumbai to Bangalore is a great way to save money. To learn more about a great airline, visit Jet Airways online.