The Hobby Of Collecting Lamps

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We all like collecting different kinds of things, for instance, some have the habit of collecting postcards and stamps while others like to collect old music tracks. People differ in their likings and tastes. They collect things which they like, admire or intrigued by, but one trend which is gradually becoming increasingly popular is to have a collection of things which not only are functional and colourful, but also satisfy the basic genre of collecting and this is real fun!

People of all ages are attracted to colourful lights. So, if you are fond of lights, colours, glass, ceramics, or various designs and styles, then no other item can match the fun of collecting artistic table lamps.

Having personal collections is a great hobby as there are no rules attached to it and it can be just anything you like. The word you is very important as it makes you happy and reflects your passion and this will always brighten up your mood up.


One of the interior design mantras is that your collectables must be appropriately placed or else your home will look like a shop rather than your home.

Try to group the number of objects in three or five as these numbers, being odd actually add to the aesthetic value and look attractive to the eye. You must place these objects in an unusual manner which will catch the eye, for example instead of placing a large table lamp on a shelf place it on stacked suitcases to add a unique look to your home.

There is no need to worry about the budget. You can always try your luck in jumble sales, boot fairs, on thehigh street, scour charity shops or even the online discount sites where you will find get some great bargains.

But before you plug in the lamp in your house or for that matter any other electrical item, you must always make sure that they are absolutely safe to use. Faulty wiring is one important reason for outbreak of fires in homes. Always make it a point to have the item checked with the local electrician, especially when you have purchased a second hand lamp.

It s not only that lamps have different colours but they also have a wide range of great styles and this is true for both the old and the new ones. Tiffany lamps will be a great choice for people who appreciate Art Noveau and Art Deco, but these lamps are expensive if they are authentic.

Large table lamps popular in the sixties have their own distinct style along with vibrant colours. The trend of Lava lamps is back and they can be found in any lighting stores in a wide range of colours. Table lamps give a new dimension to any type of interior and style. Traditional large floor lamps with large shades and quintessential designs suit the big cottage lounges, especially if they have large floral designs.

The latest trend is chandelier styled white and black lamps or cylinder shaped plinth style. Finding lamps at a reasonable price is a daunting task but when they add the desired beauty to your room, you feel it is worth the hard work and finding a great bargain is all part of the enjoyment of collecting!

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