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The Shimano Clarus. This is an apt name for the new line of Shimano rods. Clarus means illustrious or bright in Latin. This gives the perfect description for this type of Shimano rods. You only have to look at its IM-7 graphite blank, grade-A Portuguese cork, authentic Fuji guides and reel seats, and shiny brown finish to appreciate the name. But the great thing about the Shimano Clarus is that its not only a beauty but a beast as well. The Clarus is a beast because it gives you just the right amount of muscle to fish successfully. An evidence to back these statements up is the recent award that it received. The Shimano Clarus was awarded 2008 ICAST New Product Showcase Award for Best Freshwater Rod.

There are many aspects to look into when choosing the perfect fishing rod. You would have to consider many factors like whether youre into freshwater or salt water fishing, small or big game, or if youre in it for serious sporting or for a hobby. After you have decided what type of fishing you want to go into, you then compare the choices that you have. Shimano rods offers a number of fishing rod lines that could cater to your needs. For freshwater fishing, the Shimano Clarus is one of the best.

There are two types of Shimano Claruses: The Shimano Clarus Cast and the Shimano Clarus Spin. There are 32 specific models under the Clarus Spin and 24 under the Clarus Cast. Each one has a different set of specifications for the different fishing habits and practices of a fishing enthusiast. As a general rule, both types, spinning and casting rods can also be used for trolling.

When youre trying to find the right rod for you, you need to consider the following factors: power, action, line weight, and lure weight.

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Power is the inherent rod weight or power value. This is the main indicator of what type of fishing you are into. The Shimano Clarus is divided into Ultra-Light, Light, Medium-Light, Medium, Medium-Heavy, Heavy, and Ultra-Heavy. If you are into small bait fishing, you may opt for the Shimano Clarus Light model.

Action is the bending ability of the rod. Action may be categorized into fast, medium, slow, or combinations of the three. A typical fast action rod is engineered to bend more at the tip. A slow action rod is manufactured to bend more at the butt end.

Line Weight refers to the optimal weight that a fishing line is made for. Fishing line weight is measured in tensile strength. Tensile strength is an intensive property of the line. It shows just how much stress a fishing line can manage before it breaks.

Lure Weight refers to the type of hook that the rod was engineered to support.

The Shimano Clarus line under Shimano rods offers you a variety of choices that mix and match these four design essentials. As its name represents, the Shimano Clarus is another beacon of light in fishing equipment engineering.

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