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By Neha Rani Gupta

Hemorrhoid is basically a vein equivalent to varicose vein. But this is generally around rectum area in the case of hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoid is a common problem in women especially during pregnancy, when they get increasing amount of extra weight around these areas. Also as women have more blood circulating around their body area at the time of pregnancy there is more possibility of getting this problem.

All the veins below the uterus and pelvic region start dilating during pregnancy. These then becomes swollen and start and itching feel. Not only this but these veins can become worst when they start burning out and start bleeding. Patient suffering from this can see the crimson color blood on their toilet paper. This condition is called as bleeding hemorrhoids and you should try early for getting effective treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy or otherwise can be external or internal. In case of internal Hemorrhoids, swollen veins are hidden inside the rectum area and you can only feel them when you have pain, whereas in case of external hemorrhoids, these are outside the body and can be seen. There are treatment options available for you that will help you avoid these hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

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How to get rid of painful hemorrhoids

Avoiding the situation of constipation during pregnancy can help you greatly if you want to get rid of Hemorrhoids. Most of time problem of constipation leads to Hemorrhoids due to more strain and pressure exerted on poor dilated veins. This may lead to bleeding and hence Hemorrhoids. Drinking enough water is a way to get rid of constipation. You can easily avoid constipation and Hemorrhoids if you drink six to eight glasses of water daily.

If you are already constipated and are at high risk of getting painful hemorrhoids during pregnancy, avoid all the fad diets and drinks during pregnancy. This can result you in gaining extra weight which can again increase your pains of painful hemorrhoids. Also try out stool softener and start drinking lots of water each day. Get habitual of carrying this stool softener wherever you go. This will also help you preventing problems like heartburn and acid refluxes.

Add more fiber food in your diet. Eating healthy and fibrous food can help you brilliantly during pregnancy. Brown rice, whole grain foods, foods containing folic acid, etc. are good for you at time of pregnancy. This will not only eases the constipation problem but also serve as a good diet for keeping your baby healthy.

Exercising, gentle yoga and meditation can do magic for you during the time of pregnancy. This will help you prevent many problems at this time. Painful hemorrhoids are one such problem that you can easily avoid if you try out various exercises and yoga during pregnancy. Walking and swimming are the two best exercises that you can try out daily. This will enhance blood circulation and avoid gaining extra weight during pregnancy.

Following these tips can help you keep painful hemorrhoids at bay during pregnancy which is very beneficial for you and your child’s well being.

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Yoga during pregnancy

can help you lot in keeping bleeding hemorrhoids at bay.


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