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The trend in mobile market is that phones are getting more and more intelligent, such as the output from the Blackberry. One of the series is the Blackberry 8700, which is a good start especially for users of BlackBerry beginners.


The design of the device adopts classic Blackberry form factors. Shown with silver color and dominated with the black on some parts of the body the BlackBerry 8700V looks very stylish and simple.

Many buttons on the keypad usually cause mistakes when typing if users are still not used to QWERTY keypad. But as long as you accustomed to it you cant deny the convenience and fast speed when typing it for email.

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For people especially businessmen for whom emails are their thing the Blackberry phones are the gift from the gods. Blackberry is always connected to the Internet if there is no interruption of service and network provider. If there are any incoming emails they can be read directly because there are features such as SMS notification.


For your regular use the facility to chat with Yahoo Messenger can be installed directly through the BlackBerry Help with icons plus yellow. In addition there is also a link to download BlackBerry Messenger, Google Talk v2.0, Maps, News and Fun Games.


This device still uses the facilities such as Bluetooth, GPRS, EDGE, data cable, USB, and also Internet data connection using the other facilities.


A powerful and durable resource also is very important for a device. With a battery of 1100mAh, this Blackberry 8700V series is able to survive up to 17 days in standby, while the time to talk about 4 – 5 hours. However, if we use for the application that is too heavy, such as browsing the Internet, and sending email, the batterys performance is less optimal.


Since it is strictly business phone oriented, it is understandable that the Blackberry 8700v doesnt possess a media player. Anyway, it is a nice emailing handset with ideal web browsing speed.

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