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About Roomba’s Lighthouse Technology


Bobby Brown

If you told someone 10 years ago that a robot would be able to do the cleaning duty for virtually every kind of household, that person would most probably laugh in your face. The recent advances in technology have proven to us that almost anything is possible. The iRobot Roomba has broken through barriers by making automated cleaning not just doable, but efficient as well. Then came the Virtual Wall Lighthouse technology. This type of innovation makes the tool more indispensable than over. Millions of households have sworn by it, and many claim that the Roomba has definitely made their lives easier and more manageable.

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To start with, the Virtual Wall Lighthouse makes use of an invisible infrared signal to help the iRobot Roomba achieve the most professional and meticulous room-to-room cleaning. The Roomba cleans and vacuums in one room until it is completely cleaned before it directs it to the next room. The Lighthouse is also able to block off certain areas in your home, should you choose to leave some spaces untouched.

Best of all, the Roomba can automatically activate itself on schedule. Once its task has been completed, this clever cleaning utility immediately brings itself back to the Homebase to recharge its batteries until its next cleaning schedule. Who knew that a small machine is able to do all these? The makers certainly did! People no longer need to worry about having to think for the machine. The dawn of the age of technology has certainly given everyone the chance to juggle their responsibilities and do all their tasks efficiently.

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About Roomba’s Lighthouse Technology


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