Vaser Lipo Up And Lower Abs Vaser Hi Def Liposuction At Drnurein

Vaser Lipo Up and Lower Abs vaser hi def liposuction at drnurein by David BrateWhat is VASER Hi-Def?Assisted High Definition LipoSculpture, or VASER Hi DefTM is an advanced body sculpting technique.The procedure creates a more sculpted, athletic appearance than traditional VASER, by removing both superficial and deep fat from around muscle groups to enhance the visibility of the underlying musculature.VASER Hi Def can be performed on multiple body areas. but we have experienced the most success in treating the following areas:Abdomen – Chest – Waist – Back – Buttocks – Arms – Flanks – ThighsWhat Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Laser Lipo over Ordinary Liposuction?Pros:Available privately, you don’t have to wait long.Reduced bruising (possibly)Quicker recovery (possibly)The areas listed below are the most popular areas for Vaser liposuction and will gain the best results. If you would like to find out more about Vaser liposuction in a specific area please contact us for more information: Abdomen VASER London (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) uses the most advanced ultrasound technology to breakdown fat cells, which are then removed from your body through a suction process. VASER Liposelection is a suitable procedure for both men and women.The term Liposculpture first appeared in 1991 and was described as a technique that “shapes the body by removing fat cells in areas where there is excess fat and/or by adding fat cells to areas where additional padding is desired. This technique is far more advanced than standard liposuction and is highly dependent on the skill and artistic eye of the surgeon. Knowing what fat to remove and what fat cells to abstain from makes all the difference in the result. Add this technique to sophisticated ultra sound technology and the newest form of body sculpting-VASER Hi Def Liposculpture- is discovered.VASER Hi Def Liposculpture uses deep, superficial and transitioning liposculpture techniques in specific anatomical areas, namely over the rectus abdominus, serratus magnus, external obliques, pectoralis major, inguinal ligaments, and in the sacral area, to create a more natural muscular appearance of the human form. VASER Hi Def LipoSculpture recognizes how the anatomy of skin, fat and muscle control one’s appearance by defining the fat overlying these structures, contributing to the highly defined sculptured appearance of the human form. This technique is extremely advanced and should only be performed by highly trained plastic surgeons.At bod:evolve, we can boast unparalleled experience with the VASER Hi Def technique. Our own Dr. John Millard was the second plastic surgeon in the world, and the first in the United States, to perform VASER Hi Def Liposculpture, learning it directly from the procedures founder, Dr. Alfredo Hoyos of Bogata, Colombia.Dr. Broadway and Dr. Millard of bod:evolve are the only two surgeons in Colorado performing this cutting-edge procedure, and are international instructors teaching this technique to surgeons worldwide. This is just one example of bod:evolve’s mission to be the vanguard of the most advanced techniques that deliver a new generation of results, to a new generation of patients. Whatever their cause, a double chin or undefined jawline are areas that are often resistant to diet and exercise. This is where Vaser can help.VASER Shape’s unique ultrasound treatment breaks the membranes of the fat cells and the fat cells burst. The content of the fat cells are transported through the vascular and lymphatic system to the liver. The liver processes this fat through the natural metabolic process to eliminate it from the body. This elimination is assisted by the lymphatic drainage handpiece on the Vaser Shape. Neck Excess neck fat is often simply down to carrying extra body weight or in some cases a hormonal imbalance, and can signal an increased risk of heart problems. It can age the face and give an impression of obesity. Whatever the cause, diet and exercise alone cannot always reduce fat around the neck.Vaser London ThighsThe approach is different. With a diet and exercise, you can reduce non-specific weight, which is often appropriate. VASER Shape directly affects your problem area, where diet and exercise alone is not working. VASER Shape is the solution. It selectively removes stubborn fat deposits, thus, giving you a better body contour. drainage of the fat tissue. VASER Lipo can help. This revolutionary fat removal procedure offers a safe alternative to traditional liposuction. VASER london provides smooth, predictable results with fast recovery and minimal downtime. The ideal physique in both men and women has changed since the early 1900’s from round and plump to slender and athletic.Article Source: