Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss Surgery

Tummy Tuck After Weight Loss Surgery



Patients who went through weight loss surgery may lose significant weight in a year or two, but it s not a nice journey, and there are disappointments, especially with regard to the actual body shape as a result of loss of massive weight. Patients tend to suffer from sagginess everywhere. Many of them would resort to cosmetic procedures to achieve firm skin. This is why tummy tuck after weight loss surgery is popular.

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is just one of the cosmetic procedures a weight loss surgery patient will undergo as soon as significant weight loss is achieved. The entire procedure is called body lift, which involves fixing saggy cheeks, arms, buttocks, and thighs apart from tummy tuck alone.

Why is tummy tuck necessary after massive weight loss?


After so many years of being obese or overweight, the skin has stretched to compensate with the increasing amount of fat tissue underneath. The problem with massive weight loss is the inability of the skin tissue to bounce back to former firmness. Even merely overweight people can suffer from sagginess after weight loss. Once ideal weight is achieved or a significant amount of weight has been shed off, the unpleasant results occur in form of loose skin everywhere. The more weight you lose, the more sagginess ensues.

Neither exercise nor low-fat diet can fix sagging skin. Loose skin can only be fixed through cosmetic surgery. While loose skin is not a health issue, it troubles patients, many of whom go to plastic surgeons to have their bodies fixed.

What does tummy tuck involve?

Tummy tuck can mean tightening the abdomen to make it flatter and to undo the sagginess. It s a procedure done not only on weight loss patients but also among women who have had all their children. The surgery involves an incision that runs from hip to hip, traversing the lower abdominal region. In some cases, this can involve displacement of the navel, which is now addressed by plastic surgeons through repositioning of the navel as part of the surgery.

It s not a procedure to be taken lightly. It involves contemplation on the part of the patient, who will have to endure the cost of the surgery and the difficult recovery period. Scarring is unavoidable, but scars are usually found below the bikini line.

General anesthesia is require during surgery, which runs from about two to four hours. Aside from tightening the abdominal skin, abdominoplasty also involves tightening of the abdominal muscles to properly contour the waist. During the surgery, 1-4 kilograms of skin and fat tissue may be excised.

Recovery is not sweet. The patient will have to wear an abdominal binder to aid in recovery. Drain tubes may be installed to keep fluid from building up in the surgery site. Numbness on the surgery site is common among abdominoplasty patients. Someone should be assisting the patient in daily activities such as bathing and walking during the first month after the surgery.

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