Methods For Controlling Over Bird Or Pigeon

Methods for Controlling Over Bird or Pigeon


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The main difficulty posed by birds to control is its ability to fly. In any case, there are wide varieties of solutions that can be used in accordance with the facility to protect or preserve. Bird Control products have evolved by using today’s technologies to solve an age old problem, but many new products are still in used as same ideals that help. The bird control decoys are categorized as a visual deterrent, when birds saw one in the field they thought they were looking at a human and would flee from the area. Other bird deterrents available today include Prowler Owl, IRRI tape, bird decoys, and many other tools. These three products can be strung in fruit trees or bushes, in backyard gardens, from balconies, gazebos and more. These products are shiny and reflective, some having large predator eyes printed on them. There are many different bird deterrents available in today’s market that can be use for a wide variety of problems. Bird Deterrents usually fit into four categories;


Bird Control Decoys Visual deterrents are meant to been seen by birds, to frighten or scare them away from open areas. Visual deterrents will have shiny reflective surfaces, or mock predator features. Visual bird deterrents include Prowler Owl, IRRI Tape, Bird Decoys and 3D COYOTE. These items work best when hung right in front of a problem area. When the bird fly’s towards the spot, they will see these deterrents and get confused or frightened, and want to avoid the area. Audio Birds Repellers These are ideal to use when you have a large open space to treat. Sound bird deterrents include the Bird Chase Super Sonic. Sound deterrents use recorded bird calls to deter pest birds from large open spaces. A mixture of predator calls, and distress calls can be used to alert birds in the surrounding area of danger. Physical Bird Deterrents Physical deterrents are used to block or prevent birds from gaining access to the area they desire. Physical deterrents include bird netting, Bird Spike, Bird netting is installed as a screen to block birds from entering areas. Bird Spike, Bird Netting, Bird Gel are all used on ledges to prevent birds from landing. Liquid Bird Repellents There are also a few liquid repellents used for discouraging birds. Bird liquid gel can also be use for getting rid of birds. Birds hate to get their foot stuck in anything. This material will deter a wide range of pests and it goes on just about any surface. These Bird liquid gels can be used with great achievement on conduit, pipes ledge, I-beams and parapet walls. The gel hardens after about six months, so you’ll need another application for best bird proofing results. Bird Netting is widely used to block birds from nesting in rafters, eaves, in garages and more. Bird Spikes and Bird Gel are three products that can be used to keep birds off of ledges, window sills, fence lines, rooflines, light fixtures, and most spots where birds choose to sit or roost. Therefore, it will be beneficial for adopting any of the above-mentioned Bird Control methods.

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